Payment methods

1. Payment with a Credit Card
The internet site of "SOCRATIS" accepts all credit cards Visa, Mastercard Maestro and American Express.
You will be asked to fill in an order form, the number and the expiration date of your credit card. It is noted that "SOCRATIS" does not collect or save in any way the data of your card. In case you choose to pay with a credit card, you must be present at the time of the delivery of your order having your credit card as well as your identification card with you. In this case (that is, paying with a credit card), a third person is not allowed to collect the order. In case the order is done on the name of a company, then you must use a company credit card, that is the company must have been issued on the name and data of the respective company and must be inscribed on the card. Also during the delivery the authorised holder must be present having the credit card and his identification card with him.

2. Payment with the delivery of your order at your place ( cash on delivery - only for Greece).

You pay the clerk of the designated carrier company that we collaborate, within the delivery of your order at your place (for orders up to 30€).
According to the tax provisions that have been in effect since 01.04.2011 the commercial documents of the value of 3000 € and over, that are issued to individuals (receipts of retail prices) will have to be paid off only in the following ways:

    Deposit/remittance to the bank account of "SOCRATIS" company
    Charge with a debit or credit card.

3. Collection and payment of your order from the "SOCRATIS" business store
Make your order through the internet site of "SOCRATIS" and collect your products the following day from the "SOCRATIS" business store in Thessaloniki. In case you collect your order from our business store, there is a choice of paying either in cash or with a credit card.

4. Deposit in a bank account:
Discount your order in one of the following bank accounts.

NATIONAL BANK:    251-440021-66             IBAN: GR73 0110 2510 0000 2514 4002 166    

                                                                 BIC: ETHNGRAA

ALPHA ΒΑΝΚ:           7270 0232 0000 162      IBAN: GR81 0140 7270 7270 0232 0000 162    

                                                                  BIC: CRBAGRAAXXX

Fax us the copy of your bank payment to +30 2310 835722 or send an e-mail to [email protected]
Upon receiving the copy of your bank payment, we will send your order off.

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