It' so easy to play!
It' so easy to play!


It' so easy to play!


Remember when scratching and creating imaginary worlds was all the rage between 1976 and 1982? Kalkitos has now been reborn for those who love to dream.

Make it your own with KALKITOS!

Free your imagination and enjoy endless hours of fun scratching out excitingly different worlds – just the way you like – with KALKITOS! It’s so easy to play! All you need is a pencil and plenty of imagination. Scratch out your stories and have fun seeing how different they are from your friends’!


KALKITOS is a collection of rub-down transfer activity games that was hugely popular back in the 1970s. Players are given sheets of blank scenery which they can fill up wherever they like with transfer images of people, animals, objects, vehicles to create their own unique stories. Fans – whom we affectionately call KITOS – all over the world love playing with KALKITOS because it gives them the freedom to create their own fantasy worlds. Now, you too can join them and enjoy endless hours of fun scratching out exciting scenarios and fantastic escapes!

How to play

There are no rules, no penalties and no time limit to create your KALKITOS world. Once you’ve decided where you want a character or item to be, place the transfer sheet over the area on the scene and simply scratch it on. Go on and make it your own.

It’s that easy!


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